WTS 15 Mil Skill PointPerfect minig orca astero reprocess max industr pilot wh

Amelia Stayne

start 7 B

12 B/O

ill offer 7 bill

7.2 bil

7.5 bil

thank you very much for the offers made but I would like to recover a little something no one gets to 8 b?

7 mil SP or 14?

thank you so much

15 M skill POint

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8 bil now offered for eve mail

10 bil B/O

Sorry 11 b mail eve


you change b/o. wtf :smiley:

the offer to exceed the b / o

and on all post in forum you will write : +1 bil from eve mail lol

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each of us and free to think what he wants the offers of this char are now 11 B who offers more


last 48 hours

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Thank you


I accept your send isk offer and where you want to receive this char