WTS - 151.4 Million SP Capital Pilot - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/BillSikes


A Loved and looked after character, positive security status - positive isk of around 6 million - no kill rights - character location is in black rise in a 0.6 sec status system called onnamon.

Check out the link below for jump clone info. ( one jump clone is in 8WA-Z6 but not showing on eveskillboard)


Bill is a really good PVP pilot and can fly many types of ships. Gallente is his strong point and capitals are also, take a look at the skill board and judge for yourself.

I have cleared all of his assets to nothing, except the clean stiletto he is currently in.

I have not put a time limit on this Auction as nearly 10 years of training and game time should be dealt with care. I will also respond to in-game questions as and when I see them

Any questions are welcome, happy bidding.

Starting Bid : 110 Billion
Buyout : 155 Billion

How much is it for sale?

Please make a sensible offer, acceptance will be made by myself to whoevers offer I see fit. Thanks =-)

Buyout offered. Valid 4 hours

Please accept or pass.

Then just put my 100b down as a bid.

He offered you “buyout”, which you specified yourself - so 155b…

Post updated with starting bid and buyout after “The Durrantis” posted buyout offer.

Current bid stands with The Durrantis at 100 Billion

yeah johny his buyout wasnt posted yet, i was offering him what ever price he wanted for the buyout but he never got back to me as to what ammount he wanted

Daily bump

new offer in-game, stands at 115 Bill

Id that that. Being honest


I don’t think there is one?

There is

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post has not been withdrawn.