WTS 52.5m SP Subcap pilot


Located in Jita and in NPC corp
Has a positive wallet and no kill-rights
1 Remap and one jump clone in jita
i also have 2 sets of implants
https://imgur.com/17kTQ3Z https://imgur.com/t25Jx2y

Perfect incursion nightmare pilot with good drone, exploration and missile skills also.

Starting: 45 B

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Offer you 35 bil.

No thank you, i am looking for more.

my offer : 44B


Bump looking for around 50 B, if some one can push up to that.

my offer 50b

Offer you 51 bil.

i will give it another couple of hours if no further bids are made it is yours. FlyingFish William

51 bil accepted send isk and account name

Ok, ISK has paid. Account information has been sent.

Transfer being processed, Enjoy.

Game characters have been received. Thank you.

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