WTS: 151M+ SP Awesomeness (Check me out)

I am looking for a new master;

Info about myself:

  • Nice name
  • Skills (Password: 666)
  • Can fly big toys

All CCP Rules apply:

  • Positive wallet
  • No killrights
  • I am in Jita
  • in NPC Corp

Starting BID: 100b
Buyout: Suprise me

For future use

Almost weekend… :slight_smile:

It is weekend :slight_smile:

90b offer

Thank you, but that much under Extraction value?

That is a no thanks

95 bill

Thank you for the offer, but i am looking for more as this is aswell below extraction value.

To the top we go.

100 bill isk rdy

Thanks for the offer

To the top we go.

And the week is on the better side again :slight_smile:

Weekend bumpy :slight_smile:

To the top we go

Thuesday it is :slight_smile:

Daily bump

Almost weekend.

It’s friday !

and so the saterdays continues