WTS: 151mil SP almost perfect Erebus/Avatar

Amarr Titan V
Gallente Titan V
Doomsday V
2 days from Doomsday Rapid Firing V
Great Super/Cap pilot too

High Grade Amulet Set (currently located in 1DQ)
Mid Grade Amulet Set
Low Grade Virtue Set


Character is in high sec with postivie wallet, no kill rights -0.4 sec status

Start 145bil


get yourself a great toon!

get yourself a great toon!

get yourself a great toon!

115 bill

Please unlock jump clones and standings on eveskillboard.

116 Bill bid (will be valid when you unlock requested info)

Sorry, didnt mean for those to be locked. All unlocked now

Sircho Is your bid still valid?

yes, it is still valid.
I just wish that those HG Amulets were in some accessible station…

ok buyout accepted, send account details and isk please.

Good morning. Thanks for accepting my offer. I will send isk and acc name as soon as I am back from work (6h). Will update the thread accordingly.

ISK and account name sent, awaiting transfer.

emailed ingame, character transfer started. Thanks

Both mails received (yours and CCPs for transfer). Thanks for your mail, I will try to do something.


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