WTS 152.4m + 9.7m unallocated SP pilot

Selling this character 162.1m SP

Victory Man

Expert Miner flying Exhumers and Rorqual.
Great at Fleet Command/Boosting and Logi
Can fly a Gallante Jump Freighter

Positive wallet balance
Positive security status
No kill rights
Currently located in High Sec. in Jita
NPC Corp

Implants : +2 Genolution CA-1/CA-2/CA-3/CA-4, +2 Limited Social Adaptation Chip, Beancounter RR-605, MY-705, RX-804

Additional clone also in Jita with all 5, +5 Improved learning set

Start Bid : 80bill
Buyout : 100bill

80 bill

Thanks for the offer but I am looking for more.

Victory Man 87B

Thanks for the offer but I am looking for a bit more than that.

88 b offer

Then don’t waste everyone’s time by starting at 80B!





90B offer

Rayor, I will accept your offer. If you transfer the isk to this character I will start the process. Message this character with the details of the account you want him sent too.

Isk and account info sent

Isk received, and character transferred.

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