WTS 154m SP 2005 pilot - JF V. ORE Industrial V and many more

  • Capital ready
  • Jump freighter ready
  • Trade/Industry focussed
  • Good gallente and minmattar standings
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Positive security


Good all round toon. Been my main alt for a long time. I’ll pay transfer fee through plex.

100b b/o

Thanks for the offer. I’ll reconsider it. Lets see if there is some more interest.

Up to the top.

105B offer


Will be selling this char this weekend to the highest bidder. Will run the post till 17.00 GMT sunday.

In game BO offer from Siex of 110b accepted. Awaiting payment.

… guess he argue there were no price battle engaged.
was a nice alt.

ISK and account name sent

Isk received. Character transfer support ticket created.


Ticket is still pending on ‘open’. Changes will be that it will be after christmas.

I’ve seen allot of people complaining that the toons havnt transferred recently… CCP is just on break, no worries


Character transfer has been started/ is transferred. Enjoy!

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