WTS - 156 Million SP PVP Char

All CCP rules apply. I will pay the transfer fee,use plex.
Positive wallet.
Kill rights :NO kill rights
Jump clones: high sec
Character location:JITA
I will pay transfer.
Starting Bid - 110 B
Buy Out - 130B





Will offer 125b b/o tonight

ok i accept your offer send isk and account info to load varror

Isk and mail with account sent, awaiting transfer confirmation

ticket is created #819694 ,wait GM transfer

Please Check your mail, there was a mistype on the account

I apologize for the confusion, please correct with the petition to the GM

Thank you

ok change

Hello, I am GM Kaora .

Thanks for taking the time to contact the Player Experience Team.

The transfer has been completed as specified and the PLEX have been removed from the Vault. Please let me know if everything is in order.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
GM Kaora
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

The transfer has been completed plz look that

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