WTS 159mil SOLD

Wts 159 m sp Indy/Titan Flight
I am a member of the NPC corporation
location hight sec
no kill rights
positive wallet
SkillQ.net - Malin Wroc

Bid Start 110b

Please check your SkillQ link with an incognito browser, it does not work. If not resolved within 24 hours, this thread will be locked.


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117B start

120B start

so bump

Bump. I think 3 days left, BO: 140B
currently First place:

Bump. I think 2 days left, BO: 140B
currently First place: [Large lemon]

123b offer

Bump. I think 1 days left, BO: 140B
currently First place: Ghost Athrun

125B offer

126b offer

ok so Ghost Athrun Won the auction

Once I’ve received the ISK, I’ll be able to start the transfer straight away for you.

best regards

Ok, I’ll take care of it today.

Great, I’m waiting

auction are close?

The information and ISK have been sent.

I have received ISK and account information

Starting moving procedure.

Thank you. Your PayPal account was billed on: Sat, 13 Jan 2024 09:55:44 GMT, in the amount of 20.00 EUR.

Account: xxxxxx
Payment ID: 56723209
1 x Character Transfer
TOTAL = 20,00 EUR

Thanks, I’ve received the game character.