WTS 15.58Mill SP Gallente Indy Toon


Selling: This Character to the highest bidder.

Info: Relatively clean, good history, 0 assets (aside from basic implants), straight forward skill training.

Price: Make me a good offer (Ideally looking for: 1 Billion Isk per/for every 1 Million Skill Points).

12 bil

12.5 b

Daily Bump

12.5b offer by Fuarran will be accepted in a few days if no other offers are made.

13b bo if can do a quick sell . i need go sleep

13.1 B now

SOLD to Fuarran for 13.1 Billion. Will begin transfer process once payment has been received.

13.2B offer

Isks and account name send, thak you


ISK has been received. Transfer process has begun to the account specified. Please notify me once Character has been received.

character received. thx

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