Selling 37 m sp indy alt


I’ve decided to sell one of my indy+mining alt. Full list of skills you can find below

Required info:

Wallet green
Sec status 1+
No kill rights
Npc corp
4 Jump clones

For additional info ask me or check in skillboard

I want to set a starting price at 26. As for BO, 30 bil

26 bil

27 Bil

30 bil buyout isk ready now

31B if you want a little more isk

31.5 bil

32B :slight_smile:

32.5 bil


all urs man/woman

Accepted. 33 bil. Please send me isk and acc info

Another buyer retracted, you won with 32,5 bil bid then

32.6 b right now!) im online and isk ready

Ok, 32.6 works! I will be at pc in about 1 hour, you can send isk and info meanwhile

ok rgr

let me know once it is done

Account details and payment sent

scam character, be careful

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