WTS 5.3mil SP starter Mining Character SOLD

Want to sell this Character IndyPowerPlas Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Can Fly Mining Barge, with some support skills for needed crystals.

Skills are not perfectly focused, and Exhumer is not trained into, which the price reflects.

Located in NPC Station in Perimeter.

In NPC Corp.

Positive Wallet.

No Killrights.

No Jump Clones Set.

2 Remaps Available.

Looking for Offers over 2bil. Buy Out at 3bil

will offer the 3 bil buy out

Awesome, send isk and an in game mail to that character and I will start the transfer.

Isk sent amd mail

Target user has too many characters, check mail and confirm that is the correct account?

sorry about that resent the mail with another acc name

Trying again

Sent, 10 hours should be completed

Thanks and will post again when i get her

Completed, however I did forget one thing, title of the post could do with being chhanged (will request from Mod if you dont get to it). Thanks for the quick deal!

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