[SOLD] WTS 61.29m SP Indy,trade,orca pilot!

Hellow fellow capsuleers! the time has come to move away from the indy side of things so im selling my indy main.


  • The character can build almost everything in the game with its current skills.
  • 11 Research/Reaction/build slots
  • All relevant skills to reduce taxation on station trading
  • Can fly Orca with T2 indy core.
  • Character is prepped to train into Rorqual with ASC V, Cap industrial reconfig injected

Character has positive wallet, No jump clones, no assets, character is currently located in Jita 4-4
121 skins unlocked on characters nothing super fancy but a bunch of event ones that isn’t available anymore

Bids open on 45B


40B offer

45B offer

45 bil offer noted


46B isk ready

46.5B offer

46.5 noted


50 instant buyout

46.5 accepted send money and details and ill start transfer

OK,isk sent

Isk received plz provide what account you want the character too

please check see the latest email

Transfer in progress thanks for doing business =)


thanks a lot

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