WTS 89MIL SP character

**note that eveboard still shows him in the previous corp

Character is in High-Sec, has positive sec status and is in NPC corporation.
Positive wallet no killrights
Several high end clones including a HG crystal set.
3.1mil unspent Skillpoints
Starting: 65Bil isk
BO: 85bil

EDITS: Added eveboard note and BO information.

65B offer


70.5B Offer

71b offer


Thanks for the offers guys - Still a bit low, but keep those offers coming.

77B offer

I lowered the BO to 85b. Lets do this!

80b offer

Norma ISE : if you can push it to 81 I think we can have a deal and start the process right away.

Good, 81 agree, but I need to work for the next hour, will be able to process after that

I am to be sold to NORMA ISE pending isk transfer/procedures. No other offers are to be considered unless deal falls through.

Isk received. Transfer in process. BUYER will update once character is received. Thank you Norma ISE.

Character received.

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