WTS 15m+ SP Orca Pilot

263k unallocated SP

Char is in NPC corp, skillq has not updated.

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
1 clean jump clone in jita
1 Clone with +4s and mining foreman mindlink located in Jita. (active clone)

Entertain realistic offers. B/O set for 15b.

Can you plug her into EveMon and tell me how many injectors it will take to get her into a Minokawa, please?


14 large 3 small to sit in it

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Open to decent offers…

10b offer

Would take more than that to buy her :slight_smile:

ill do 15b

isk is ready

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I am online for the next 5 hours if you still wish to buy her

isk transfered and info sent

I am at work until 17:00 server time, will begin transfer then thank you!

Transfer process begun :slight_smile: Enjoy