WTS 16.2M indy/science char

(Kara Mernher) #1

Looking to sell:


Located in Amarr, 0.0 wallet, no killrights

1 bonus remap available

(Gattanera) #2

10.5 bil

(Captainamazing) #3

11b offer

(Xan Viona) #4

12.5 bil offer

(Kara Mernher) #5

Looking to sell in less than 72 hours, or earlier for the right bid :sunglasses:
In game offers to be mailed to HilsterAUS

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(Xan Viona) #6

What is your BO on this guy?
I can up bid to 13.5 Bil

(Kara Mernher) #7

Sent you mail in game, will accept your offer of 13.5B.

Please transfer ISK and send mail with account detail in order to allow transfer to be enacted


(Xan Viona) #8

Isk and acct info sent to Kara


(Kara Mernher) #9

ISK received, transfer process initiated.


(system) #10

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