[Sold] WTS PvP char, 74.2m SP (Amarr/Gallente Dread, FAX, carrier)


  • empy wallet (1 ISK)
  • no kill rights
  • positive sec status
  • in Amarr

Start 60B
BO 68B


Thanks for your offer, but it’s quite a bit away from what I’d like to receive.

52B B/o

Thanks, getting a little closer but I’d like to see more offers first.

55 B B/O

I‘d be willing to immediately sell for 62 B.

Going down to 60b BO.


56b offer.

57B offer

60b buy out.

61B offer

up to 62b.


63b offer

I’ll seal the deal in around 3-4 hours, not at home right now. The highest offer at this time will win, but I won’t let this run longer than that, we’re in an acceptable price range.

Alright, 63b it is then. Please send the ISK to this character and an in-game mail with the target account name. As soon as I got the ISK, I will initiate the transfer.

ISK and email sent.

Received and moved to my main, transfer initiated.