[SOLD] WTS (23.6 SP) --- Amarr/Gallente pvp/pve pilot

This character specializes in flying HACs, T3 Cruisers, and excels in the Gila. He was mainly used for Level 4 Sister’s of EVE missions and currently has a 9.75 standing with them.

DOB: 10/5/2010
SPs: 23,605,598
Neural Remap: now
Bonus Remaps: 1
Security Status: 2.83
Wallet: 0 isk
Implants: Full +3 basic set and 5% salvage boost
Location: Osmon / The Forge
Corporation: Viziam (NPC)
Jump Clones: none

Asking 24b or best offer

Bump for you


My bid has not been answered within the next 24 hours and my bid will be invalid.

too low… but thanks.

16 bil Ready to go

character no worth 24billion

“or best offer”

read in game message


19 billion

20b b/o

23 bill


Wakey wakey…24 bill

Final bump… sorry for the delay. Will sell to highest bid this weekend.

No response from top 3 bidders. Taking more offers now.

I can do 20 for it offer valid for 24hrs

I accept your offer and will do the character transfer first thing in the morning. I’m in US timezone, EST. I’ll confirm here if everything clears. Thanks.

I will send isk when I’m home from work I’m also UStz but west coast if you could start transfer tonight would be amazing but I understand if you can’t