WTA 39m sp amarr / gallente pilot


looking to auction character:

Wallet is in the green. Can fly caps, t2 fighters, awesome armor tanker, no negative backgrounds. Will be in hi sec at moment of sale. Has 2 remaps, owns a few skins as well. Theres stuff all over the place in EVE, whatever you find is yours to keep.

Starting bid: 38b
B/O: -/-
Duration: 48 hours
Feel free to post offers. Can contact me ingame, but only offers posted here are valid.

daily bump

Best I can do is 28B. However I did notice the toon has entered a corp within the past 24 hours. Offer Valid for 24 Hours. All CCP Rules must apply.

char is in npc corp in amarr.

thanks for free bump


add another 1-2b to the offer and we can have a chat, otherwise, thanks very much on the start bid

Last 24 hours in effect

You skill a lot but not really to upper lvl

please do not derail thread with random comments. If you wanna make an offer, do so otherwise ignore.

Last hours coming up, current top bid is Akiko Akami so if no one goes above, char goes to Akiko


39b, isk ready

40b, isk ready

adga, accepted. please send isk and account details when ready. character will be in amarr space

isk and account details received. sale is done, do enjoy.

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