WTS 23.6m SP Amarr/Gallente HAC/Strategic Cruiser Pilot


DOB: 10/5/2010
SPs: 23,605,598
Neural Remap: now
Bonus Remaps: 1
Security Status: 2.83
Wallet: 0 isk
Implants: Full +3 basic set and 5% salvage boost
Location: Osmon / The Forge
Jump Clones: none

Asking 24b or best offer




more bump… looking to take an offer this week.

Another bump…


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Apologies… I’ll have to leave corp for the purchase to be made. I’ll do this tomorrow, but in the meantime I’ll still be accepting offers. I didn’t read the full selling rules.

Character is not eligible to be sold at present time, once you have complied with all the Character Bazaar rules you may recreate your sales thread.