WTS PvP Pilot 5,333,677 SP

I created this character about 9 or so years ago, in the days of medical clones when my main dying in faction warfare led to a 29 mil isk medical bill…

He is now very much due to the new order of things supernumery and I have no use for him - hopefully somebody can put him to good use for their noble cause.

Has x 4 standard augmentations and 1 x limited (social).

Looking for offers in the region of 3.8 billion isk


1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones
None in null

4. Character location.
High Sec - STAY SAFE!

Thanks :wink: in advance

Bump! This is a really friendly character and will fit in just great with you and all of your friends!

3.5b offer

Sorry just saw this i have been working long days…ill contact you in game thanks

Offer accepted if your still interested :slight_smile:

Ah unfortunately I got another char, seeing as 2 days passed, sorry.

No problem my bad for been a slow mo :slight_smile:

Still available /bump

AFK until the 3 September…apologies ill be back to quote the Austrian Oak

3b offer

Thanks for your interest Frost I’m trying for 3.5B BO atm

AFK 3 and 4 September can respond to emails on 5 September…

Good morning all! BUMP!

Still looking for a new, caring, considerate and careful new owner… 3.5BIL BO I even pay your tranfer fee!

Please keep your bumps at least 24 hours apart… between your good morning bump, and your last post, was only 21 hours.

Apologies my bad -_- I’m new to this sale m’larky :slight_smile:

BUMP…Price Cut! 3.6 Bill BO


Bump…3.5bil BO…at this price somebody must want to give me some love

ill buy you. who am i sending isk to?

Hi Chris - Vasco Falcon i am online now

SOLD - MANY THANKS :slight_smile: