WTS pilots, 5 mill sp

(Stalker SF) #1

Wts pilots all 5 mill sp,
5 b/o or best offer
all rules apply




https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Stoun_Head - sec staus -8


(Adam Veros) #2

5b b/o for trader_sf

(Stalker SF) #3

ok accepted

(Stalker SF) #4

waiting for isk

(Adam Veros) #5

Sorry was getting ready for work. Can you verify that he is for sale before I send ISK and account details?

(Stalker SF) #6

yes he is for sale

(Adam Veros) #7

I meant post a message on from that account in here.

(Trader SF) #8

yes 'm for sale

(Adam Veros) #9

Thanks. ISK/account details have been sent to trader sf.

(Trader SF) #10

isk recieved

(Trader SF) #11

isk returned

(Adam Veros) #12

Received isk refund.

(Ella Goose) #13

3.5B for Stoun Head

(Stalker SF) #14

up still for sale

(Skymain Y) #15

3.6b for Stoun Head, it has no bonus remaps left, very low sec status and no real skills, probs wont get higher than this :slight_smile:

(Stalker SF) #16

daily bump

(Stalker SF) #17

daily bump

(Skymain Y) #18

3.6b still being offered, negotiable as long as its reasonable

(Stalker SF) #19

daily bump

(Stalker SF) #20

still for sale