[SOLD} WTS 189mil SP PVP Amarr/Gallente CAP and Subcap


(Tanis Kalai) #1

All relevant PVP and support skills at level 4 or 5, no fluff skills.

  • Maxed Amarr/Gallente Dread+Carrier skills, nearly maxed super carrier skills
  • Most Subcap PVP+support skills at lvl 5 (about 135 total)
  • One clone with +5 Implants for all attributes
  • Multiple jumpclones
  • 3 Bonus remaps available
  • Positive ISK balance
  • No kill-rights
  • No assets
  • In Gallente hi-sec
  • Positive sec status
  • NPC corp


This toon is ready to start cracking skulls, no ramp-up training needed.
B/O @ 190 Billion
Bids start at 160 Billlion

(Gattanera) #2

164 bil

(taylor04) #3

170b offer isk ready

(Tanis Kalai) #4


(Rima Isu) #5

I have changed the mind, excuse

(Tanis Kalai) #6

n/m then

(Gattanera) #7

171 bil

(Tanis Kalai) #8

One last bump. Looking for at least buy-out price or this toon goes off the market.

(Aatowa Skjiem) #9

I’m ok for 190, but only in 3 days, the time for me to come back from holidays. It would be sad to see this interesting character turned into injectors. You can close this auction and start a new one with me later if you want.

(Tanis Kalai) #10

Ping me here when you’re back and ready to deal. I’m not in any rush, hence why I’m willing to take it off of the market if I don’t get a satisfactory price. I can wait a few more days and see if you’re still interested.

(Aatowa Skjiem) #11

I managed to install Eve on my girlfriend laptop. Our in game conversations will be very slow and I can’t undock without crashes, but it should be good for the transfer, I’m ready.

(Tanis Kalai) #12

Alright then, let’s move it forward.

(Tanis Kalai) #13

Toon sold, thanks all.

(Aatowa Skjiem) #14

Thank you ! o/

(system) #15

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