WTS 52m SP Gallente / Amarr / Armor / Dreadnought / Subcap pilot

52m SP + 250k unallocated Focused Gallente / Amarr Armor pilot: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Pecktorum

Ready to fly Revelation, Providence, full T2 armor battleships.

Can fly all dreads, carriers, and super carriers within a week of training.

One Yearly + One Bonus remap available
No current jump clones (can use 5)
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Sec Status is -7.1 , but if your a low/null pilot you won’t care.
Currently in Duripant 7-6
I will pay transfer fee

Start Bid is 40b
B/O when I am happy

50b is ready

50b accepted. Awaiting isk transfer.

Isk has been transfered,pls check

Account ID: jiangjixin19870810

Isk received and character transfer initiated.

Character has been received

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