WTS 16.7m SP Focused Tengu Pilot

(Yvangier Yvangier) #1


Focused Tengu pilot, Level 5 missile support skills, Level 5 Subsystems. Access to level 4 Trust Partners agents.

Positive sec status, positive wallet, no killrights.

Start bid 9b
B/O 11b

(May Mon) #2

9b offer

(Maizie Fields) #3

10 bil.

(Anna Hetei) #4

11b b/o

(Yvangier Yvangier) #5

accepted, send isk and acct name to this toon

(Anna Hetei) #6

ISK and account name sent.

(Yvangier Yvangier) #7

“You have chosen to transfer the character Yvangier Yvangier to the account named xxxxx.”

Transfer initiated.

(Anna Hetei) #8

Confirmed, thank you.

(system) #9

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