15.1m sp Tengu pilot

Selling Kylar Madullier. My Tengu Pilot. Link is below. Has positive wallet.
Transfer of character will be done according to CCP rules


Positive sec status and no kill rights. WTS for 13 billion isk.

5 billion

I will start accepting bids at 10 billion

7.5b …

As I stated… I will open the bids at 10b

B/o 13 bill! Contact u soon if u accept

I accep, Tera Misu. Contact me privately so we may finish our transaction

Seeing as I have yet to speak with or receive payment I will re-open the character sale. Bids will restart at 13 b.

I am still in game is you are

Unfortunately I have yet to hear from my prospective buyer. So, I will re open up offers starting at 13.5b and run the bidding for the next 8 hours. Good luck to all those interested.

Bump… Ive given original winner a day to contact me to complete our transaction and this has not happened. After giving everyone a chance to pay his offered price with no luck I am going to restart the bidding now. I will run the auction for the next 24 hours… I will re-open the bids at 10 b


bump bump

I haven’t had any new offers for a ccouple days now so I am going to restart the bids and accept the next reasonable offer.

Kylar Madulier- 15.1 m SP Tengu pilot. Positive sec status. He is just wasted my my account and I would be happy for him to go to someone who will use him. Upon reaching an agreement sale will be finalized in compliance with CCP rules and regulations. Please feel free to PM informing me of your offer. Thank you


Also would like to point out most leadership skills are trained… Leadership lvl 5. Hes a great character. Please check him out

Please sell your character following the rules provided in this forum. You need to post this thread with the toon that is being sold.

Greetings, please make sure that your thread is under accordance to the character bazaar rules which can be found here. Please make sure that your thread includes the following information:

3. Jump clones
The seller must disclose whether jump clones are located in 0.0, lowsec or highsec space and may for example not claim the character for sale character is able to fly ship X or Y when that is clearly not the case.

4. Character location.
The location of the character must be disclosed and whether it is in high security, low security, null sec or wormhole space. You must also state if the character is in space or in a station.

In addition to the above, please note the following as well as per the character bazaar rules:

“Before posting, please be aware that any sales threads posted by characters that are not the character being sold will be locked and/or deleted.”

B. Before making your thread
“2. The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active.”

Please go ahead and recreate your thread, making sure to include all the character bazaar rules are met.

Thank you!