WTS 160 MIL SP Supercarriers-Dread-Freighters/Jump-Rorqual-Black Ops

  • No kill rights
  • Character in NPC corporation
  • Positive wallet
  • Security Status:
  • 5.00
  • Character in high sec
  • Jump clones 3

Starting Bid 120B
Buy-out: 140Bil

125b ready to go

day up

126b ready to go

127B Ready to go

I did bid higher than your starting bid, the 160m SP is nice but could be a little more focused - lacking in Gunnery and some Ship skills I’d want at V, honestly I’ve seen similar chars go for around 120B or less in some cases, there just seems to be a bit of a drought of WTS posts recently which has driven prices up lately. I may be prepared to go a bit higher will have a think and keep an eye on the post.

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up up up

Yep lets go sending isk now

127 go go

Wait is that reply to Diosa? Im ready to go at 127B but upto you.

OK great, thank you, sending isk now

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Isk sent and account name sent via evemail

started transfer

Thanks I can see the Character Incoming