WTS 162m SP toon - Lots of Extras

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Hi All,

Due to no longer playing as much as I use to, I am very grudgingly selling my main toon. Please note at this point that due to me actually liking this toon a lot, I am in absolutely no rush to sell and will wait on the right buyer coming along that is willing to pay what I think she is worth. If it doesn’t happen for the right price then I will call it fate and hold on to her happily.

So lets start with the rules:
Starting me off on 130b
Minimum bid increment is 0.5b (feel free to go higher than this if you wish)
I don’t have a buy out in mind at the moment – The sale will go through once bidding reaches an acceptable level – I will indicate this on the thread once my reserve is met.
Feel free to make an buy out offer via mail or on thread.

About the Toon:
Eveboard Here: http://eveboard.com/pilot/amerana
161.6 Million skill points
2004 Character
Security status of 5.0
Neural remap available now
Can travel to any region of empire space (Good enough standings with all 4 factions to allow this)
Short decent name
Standings are good with Amarr & Caldari giving access all the way up to lv 5 mission agents.
Kill board is positive (however nothing to write home about)

Research agents:
amerana currently has 4 x level 4 active research agents accumulating passive RP every day.

Clones and skins that come with the toon total an approximate 8.5 Billion isk!! and are as follows :

Genolution AU-79 Implant – Gives a permanent gold pod (Worth approx. 2.1b) is in permanent use no matter what other clone you have in.

Clone 1 (current):
Complete high grade Crystal set
Shield management SM-705,
Cap management EM-805,
Shield Operation SP-905
Rapid launch RL-1005
All of above worth (approx. 2.7b)

Clone 2 (Jita):
Mid Grade complete slave set
Science SC-805
Repair Proficiency RP-904
Hull Upgrades
All of above worth (approx. 0.75b)

Clone 3 located Mastakomon (16 jumps from Jita)
Learning clone
+5 for all attributes
Worth (approx. 0.5b)

Clone 4 located Sankkasen (5 jumps from Jita)
Complete Mid grade Crystal set
Zor’s custom Navigation
Rapid launch RL-1003
Worth (approx. 0.75b)

Wyvern Ratta Sunset approx. 1b
Golem Ratta sunset approx. 0.4b

Good Luck and Happy bidding.

(Aca1970 Kalkoken) #2

131 bil.

(amerana) #3

Thanks for starting me off. You are current high bidder however reserve not met.

Back up.

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(amerana) #5

Thanks again for further offer

So painfully close to reserve now that’s all im saying…

(Aca1970 Kalkoken) #6

145 bil.

(amerana) #7

Deal - Transfer isk and she is yours

(Aca1970 Kalkoken) #8

transfer to amerana (yes-no) ?
the first time I buy !

(amerana) #9

yes transfer to Amerana and send an eve mail with the account name you wish me to transfer to

Remember account name not toon name

(Aca1970 Kalkoken) #10

ok !

(amerana) #11

ISK received initiating transfer now

(amerana) #12

Please convo me in game - The account name you gave is incorrect

(amerana) #13

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: amerana

Will be completed after: 12/7/2017 1:33:23 AM

If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a ticket to Customer Support.

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