WTS 162m SP toon - Lots of Extras

Hi All,

Due to no longer playing as much as I use to, I am very grudgingly selling my main toon. Please note at this point that due to me actually liking this toon a lot, I am in absolutely no rush to sell and will wait on the right buyer coming along that is willing to pay what I think she is worth. If it doesn’t happen for the right price then I will call it fate and hold on to her happily.

So lets start with the rules:
Starting me off on 130b
Minimum bid increment is 0.5b (feel free to go higher than this if you wish)
I don’t have a buy out in mind at the moment – The sale will go through once bidding reaches an acceptable level – I will indicate this on the thread once my reserve is met.
Feel free to make an buy out offer via mail or on thread.

About the Toon:
Eveboard Here: http://eveboard.com/pilot/amerana
161.6 Million skill points
2004 Character
Security status of 5.0
Neural remap available now
Can travel to any region of empire space (Good enough standings with all 4 factions to allow this)
Short decent name
Standings are good with Amarr & Caldari giving access all the way up to lv 5 mission agents.
Kill board is positive (however nothing to write home about)

Research agents:
amerana currently has 4 x level 4 active research agents accumulating passive RP every day.

Clones and skins that come with the toon total an approximate 8.5 Billion isk!! and are as follows :

Genolution AU-79 Implant – Gives a permanent gold pod (Worth approx. 2.1b) is in permanent use no matter what other clone you have in.

Clone 1 (current):
Complete high grade Crystal set
Shield management SM-705,
Cap management EM-805,
Shield Operation SP-905
Rapid launch RL-1005
All of above worth (approx. 2.7b)

Clone 2 (Jita):
Mid Grade complete slave set
Science SC-805
Repair Proficiency RP-904
Hull Upgrades
All of above worth (approx. 0.75b)

Clone 3 located Mastakomon (16 jumps from Jita)
Learning clone
+5 for all attributes
Worth (approx. 0.5b)

Clone 4 located Sankkasen (5 jumps from Jita)
Complete Mid grade Crystal set
Zor’s custom Navigation
Rapid launch RL-1003
Worth (approx. 0.75b)

Wyvern Ratta Sunset approx. 1b
Golem Ratta sunset approx. 0.4b

Good Luck and Happy bidding.

131 bil.

Thanks for starting me off. You are current high bidder however reserve not met.

Back up.


Thanks again for further offer

So painfully close to reserve now that’s all im saying…

145 bil.

Deal - Transfer isk and she is yours

transfer to amerana (yes-no) ?
the first time I buy !

yes transfer to Amerana and send an eve mail with the account name you wish me to transfer to

Remember account name not toon name

ok !

ISK received initiating transfer now

Please convo me in game - The account name you gave is incorrect

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: amerana

Will be completed after: 12/7/2017 1:33:23 AM

If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a ticket to Customer Support.

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