WTS 168m SP. Focused subcap pvper (SOLD)

(Kethen T'val) #3

Thanks for the offer.

This is a really nice character. Cant get much more focused that this


(Kethen T'val) #4

Up we go

(Kethen T'val) #5

Bump to top

(Lucio Otsolen) #6

Your EVE Board link is not working (error 200). Please, fix it.

(Kethen T'val) #7

TY for the heads up. Should be fixed

(Kethen T'val) #8

And bump

WTB New Main Char 170-80 bil Budget
(Kethen T'val) #9

If you want a really focused subcap pilot, this is what you want. Now give me a few proper bids!

(Dobi Mecata) #10


(Gattanera) #11

I can offer 135b

(Dobi Mecata) #12


(Gattanera) #13


(Kethen T'val) #14


(Kethen T'val) #15

A week without a bid I will even consider. Give me some serious bids or Ill be picking this one apart

(Dobi Mecata) #16

We, the entirety of the Eve playerbase, would like to offer our sincerest apologies to His Holiness Kethen ‘The Magnificient’ T’Val for failing - for more than a week - to present an offer worthy of His attention.

Having said that…

…138bil… :wink:

(Kethen T'val) #17

Added B/O


(Kethen T'val) #18


(Gattanera) #19


(Kethen T'val) #20

B/O lowered

Added reserve

Added deadline

(Destro D Tarttus) #21

148 b bo.

(Kethen T'val) #22

Accepted. Plz reply to ingame mail and we will make the transfer happen