WTS 16m Miner & Production Character, Exhumer, Cap builder

(Harry Hakari) #1



positive wallet balance
no killrights & positive sec status
3 Jump clones available
1 Remap available
Located in highsec - Jita 4-4
+3 clone set for training


  • Mining barge V
  • Exhumers V
  • Drones V
  • Light drone operation V
  • Mining drone operation V - spec to 4
  • Mining V
  • Mining upgrades IV
  • Deep core mining 3
  • Reprocessing V
  • Reprocessing Efficiency V
  • Astrogeology V
  • Ice harvesting V
  • Industry V
  • Advanced Industry V
  • Mass production V
  • Advanced mass production IV
  • Cybernetics V
  • Navigation V
  • Evasive Maneuvering V
  • Capital ship construction 3

Can use the following T2 mining crystals:
Mercoxit, Arkonor, Bistot, Corkite, Gneiss & Spodumain

Can use T2 mining lasers, T2 strip miners & T2 deep cores.

Decent shield, navigation, Rigging & drone skills with basic core skills.

Bids to start at 8 Bill

B/O set to 14 Bill

Character has dropped corp to comply with CCP rules.

Auction will be open until DT this saturday.

Happy bidding!

(Gattanera) #2

9 bil

(RandomMusic Amatin) #3

9.5 bil

(TxivYawg1) #4

10 bil

(Red Lola) #5

11.5 bil

(Harry Hakari) #6

Bid’s are all noted, thank you all.

Buyout added at 15B.

(Red Lola) #7

15 bil … i am out

(Harry Hakari) #8

This character is selling whether the buyout is taken or not as this is an auction running until DT on saturday so your bid is/was still winning.

In any case i’ve reduced the B/O to 14 bill.

Happy bidding!

(RandomMusic Amatin) #9

12 bil is what I will offer

(Harry Hakari) #10

Thanks for the bid :slight_smile: you are currently in the lead.

Auction still open until DT saturday 07/10/2017

(Red Lola) #11


(Harry Hakari) #12

New highest bidder!

I have also moved the character to Jita 4-4.

(RandomMusic Amatin) #13

12.5 bil

(Harry Hakari) #15

RandomMusic Amatin is the highest bidder!

Less than one hour to go.

(Red Lola) #16


(Harry Hakari) #17

Grats Red Lola, your 12.6b won the auction.

Send the ISK and account info to this character when you are ready :smiley:

(Red Lola) #18

isk n info sent

(Harry Hakari) #19

Isk received and the character has been transferred, enjoy!

(system) #20

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