WTS 16m Miner & Production Character, Exhumer, Cap builder



positive wallet balance
no killrights & positive sec status
3 Jump clones available
1 Remap available
Located in highsec - Jita 4-4
+3 clone set for training


  • Mining barge V
  • Exhumers V
  • Drones V
  • Light drone operation V
  • Mining drone operation V - spec to 4
  • Mining V
  • Mining upgrades IV
  • Deep core mining 3
  • Reprocessing V
  • Reprocessing Efficiency V
  • Astrogeology V
  • Ice harvesting V
  • Industry V
  • Advanced Industry V
  • Mass production V
  • Advanced mass production IV
  • Cybernetics V
  • Navigation V
  • Evasive Maneuvering V
  • Capital ship construction 3

Can use the following T2 mining crystals:
Mercoxit, Arkonor, Bistot, Corkite, Gneiss & Spodumain

Can use T2 mining lasers, T2 strip miners & T2 deep cores.

Decent shield, navigation, Rigging & drone skills with basic core skills.

Bids to start at 8 Bill

B/O set to 14 Bill

Character has dropped corp to comply with CCP rules.

Auction will be open until DT this saturday.

Happy bidding!

9 bil

9.5 bil

10 bil

11.5 bil

Bid’s are all noted, thank you all.

Buyout added at 15B.

15 bil … i am out

This character is selling whether the buyout is taken or not as this is an auction running until DT on saturday so your bid is/was still winning.

In any case i’ve reduced the B/O to 14 bill.

Happy bidding!

12 bil is what I will offer

Thanks for the bid :slight_smile: you are currently in the lead.

Auction still open until DT saturday 07/10/2017


New highest bidder!

I have also moved the character to Jita 4-4.

12.5 bil

RandomMusic Amatin is the highest bidder!

Less than one hour to go.


Grats Red Lola, your 12.6b won the auction.

Send the ISK and account info to this character when you are ready :smiley:

isk n info sent

Isk received and the character has been transferred, enjoy!

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