(SOLD)WTS 14M SP Exhumer Mining Char

Im offering myself

ICE Mining 5
Gas Mining 5
Exhumer 5
Good reprocessing skills

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp

Starting bid: 9b
B/O: 10,5b


8Bil. now

Bump IT up

Hop on the Train for this handsome guy!

Still for Sale, comon!

Bump, get me, Gurls!

ill offer 8.5B


Last chance! Bump

9 bill.

Thanks for your offer!
@Anastasia_Caderu ill send you my Char Informations for the ISK transfer in a sek, awaiting your acc informations for the transfer.

Isk and account information has been sent to Dust Miner.

Recived. Transfer:
Will be completed after: 11/9/2018 5:34:22 AM

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