WTS 17.5 SP Indy starter

(VVormhole P060) #1

17.5 mil SP Indy starter for sale.

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Character in high sec
Selling with no assets
1 Remap available

b/o 23b


(Ruin Yaday) #2

10 bil

(Perpetualed) #3

11 billion

(Absolute Truth) #4

11.5b offered

(Ruin Yaday) #5

12b I am trying to get into industry and would love to have her could you please tell me your optimal price sir/ma’am

(VVormhole P060) #6

I’m willing to take around 17/18 b

(Ruin Yaday) #7

14 Billion, probably highest i can go sir

(VVormhole P060) #8

if you can come up to 16.5b the character is yours.

(AS cYno) #9

I will do BO with 14,5B if you accept

(VVormhole P060) #10

Character is no longer for sale.

(system) #11

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