WTS 174m Full Links/PvP/Caps - Allrounder

NPC Corp
Positive wallet
4.2 security status
Located in Jita 4-4
No other clones
No killrights
Mid-grade Snake set
1.3 mill unlockated sp
2 bonus + yearly remap


extracting would give me somewhere around 147b if i did it right, so you doing just a free bump if you go under that…

gimme some offers

75b offer

95 bil, not because i’m being cheap, but because it’s all I have

well… we all know thats far far away from what i am worth… thx for the free bumps

130 bil

not considering low balls. thx for the bump


to the top

and back up the list

daily bump


129b offered. Prices are tanking on skill injectors. If you extracted the character right now, you would get around ~126b for it (since you cant extract the first 5m SP).

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