93m SP Main Character 70b+ PRICE CHANGED


All normal rules apply.

I can rip skills for 60b ish so looking for 70b

Extraction is ~59b, so I’ll offer you 62b.

then how about following the rules and drop corp like you were supposed to do before making this post, and post what you are missing

Sorry, I genuinely thought I had done that.

As for the other information, what am I missing? That link shows all you need doesn’t it?

Thank you for all the help, you’re right and I’ve changed the price.

See Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Section C


Character located in JITA at time of sale
Jump clones in High Sec (also comes with GENO, NIRVANA, MIMESIS high grade sets.
No kill rights.
Positive Wallet



last offer?

you may only bump once in a 24 hour period… you actually bumped twice within a 24 hour period.

I only bump once a day.

I don’t know what last offer means?

60 b Ready

Nah I think i’d like 72b


70 B Ready

last bumpy before I accept an offer

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