WTS 177m SP all-purpose ALT/combat char


  • this char served as an alt char, so it’s a mixed bag of everything:
  • can do production (including capital production)
  • can do mining including rorqual
  • very good logistics/hauler char
  • tackle char as interceptor/interdictor pilot
  • some capital skills (Fighters V…, Amarr carrier V…)
  • has good fleet support skills (since he also acted as infamous offgrid links back in the days)
  • can fly a large portion of subcap pvp ships in the game (just don’t look at missile skills, hehe)
  • MG Snakes (in Thera)

  • +5s learning clone

  • 500k unallocated SP

  • Positive Wallet

  • No killrights

  • Sec status: -0.96

  • Character will be located in high sec (Jita)

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer fee

156 billion to open…

158 Billion ISK right here

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