WTS 118m sp All Around Character

I am a 2011 toon with great missile skills and do a little bit of everything. I have positive isk, will follow all CCP rules and pay the transfer fee

NPC Corp
In Jita
One Jump clone in Jita
No kill rights
Sec Status: 5.0
Positive Isk

Here is my character info

Example of what I can fly:
Ark Jump Freighter

With that said, I can fly a lot more ships but gunnery needs some trainings to fly them well. In addition, I could be a good carrier (Chimera) pilot with some drone training. Or if you want, I can fly a Rorqual (mastery lvl III) and with a little more training I could be a great Rorqual pilot.

So with me you can jump right in and fly some great ships, then choose what my future destiny should be.

Starting at 95B

Friendly Bump

Rn best i got is 60bil if thats good enough

Thank you for the offer Mysterious, for buyout I am looking for 100B

85B offer ,friendly Bump

I would like to add this character has

Neural Remap available
Bonus Neural Remap available
Character reSculpting available
111 ship skins

Still kicking it here

friendly bump

86B offer for the missile

Will you do 90B @Na_Kopreonov? Offer valid next 24hrs.

This character is currently not for sale, please close!

Closing thread by request of OP.