WTS 60.1 mil capital / rorq character

Total SP 60.1 mil
Skill Points: 58,164,564
Unallocated SP: 1,986,784

Almost perfect Nav/Shield/targeting/engineering skills so most of the support/crossover skills are covered.

Very good drone skills


Remap available
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in Jita

Buyout 50 bil.

You should link your character with https://eveskillboard.com/ .
It shows JC, standings etc

My bad, this was a repost. Link back up.

Buyout price reduced


check your evemail btw

More bumping

34 billion isk bid

45 B/O offered and accepted via evemail, sending isk & account name

35b offer

Sold TY

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