WTS 17m Paladin Level 4 pilot


Mid-Grade Asklepian set including Omega
Multiple other Laser dps implants (1.5b in pod)

  • Have positive wallet balance
  • Have positive security status
  • No kill rights
  • 3 jump clones all in highsec.
  • Located in highsec

Amarr Navy and Minmatar Republic Security Services Level 4 missions.

14b OBO

6.6B i want it

Thanks but I can extract myself

10.5B ok?

10b b/o.

If still interested at 10.5b I am good with that.

Just confirm in thread please.

confirm ok Is ISK sent to your this account?

Yes send isk and account name to me (evemail please) and I will start the transfer.

isk and mail have been sent

Thanks, Isks received and character transfer in progress.

15b buyout