[SOLD] WTS 47m SP PVP focused Paladin/Kronos Legion/Proteus pilot

Link to skillboard: Bulletz's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Alt link: Character Sheet

Toon can fly Kronos and Paladin T2 fit. Max Legion skills, Proteus subsystem skills to 4. Ishtar with heavies.

In NPC corp
Located in Jita 4-4
+4 implant set
Zkill 77% dangerous
Wallet positive (zero balance)
No kill rights

Buyout 34b

30 bill

31b offer

Offer accepted, please send isk and acc name and I will initiate transfer.

31,5 b/o, ISK Ready

Seller, you have a higher offer now, do you need to think about it?
If you don’t respond within three hours, I will send isk and the required information

Hi you placed this bid after I’d accepted a bid. I’ll take 33b buyout within the next hour otherwise it still goes to FUNNY LOL.

Because their bid was made after I accepted a bid, I’m giving them 1 hour to accept a counter offer buyout of 33b otherwise it still goes to you at 31b.

All right, as you wish. Let’s wait a minute

32 bil/o

I’ll accept 32b, send isk and acc info.

EDIT: correction, Angvil sent the info and isk

ISK Send. ACC name too ingame mail.

Thank you, isk and acc details received, I will initiate transfer.

Toon transfer fee paid, sent to acc ending in 1502. Thank you.

Thanks a lot

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