[SOLD]WTS 59M SP Marauder Pilot - Paladin/Kronos/Drones

In NPC corp
One Kill rights : Due in 23 days
Wallet balance : 0
Character location : Jita IV-10

One Jump Clone:Mid-grade Amulet in Nalvula
One Jump Clone:High-grade Talisman in Jita IV-10

Dar Zhelezvich’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

B/O 45b

30B offer

31 bil

33b offer

34 bil…

Bump to the Top!

@Dar_Zhelezvich I’ll offer 38bn as a b/o, if accepted. Otherwise free bump.

I accept your offer, please pay isk and send the account number

@Dar_Zhelezvich Isk and account name sent (in eve)
please post when you start the transfer, so i am aware. Thank you!


The character has been transferred, wish you have a happy game experience.

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