*** WTS 17msp MAX profit RORQ pilot ****



  • Pos wallet, no killrights, in highsec
  • 2 Remaps up
  • Mining Drone Spec 5
  • Indy Reconfig 5
  • Cap Indy ship 5

Make me an offer, please make bids in inc of .5 bil

Will let this run till monday morning, will sell to highest bidder unless the buyout is reached.

Buy Out set at 21B

(Mort'est Altinentee) #2

Hi there. I’ll start you off with 9b.

(Beppe Caruso) #3

9.5 B

(Lyna Kraneled) #4

cheers :smile:

(Mort'est Altinentee) #5

13.0 b

(Beppe Caruso) #6

13.5 B

(Mort'est Altinentee) #7


(Beppe Caruso) #8

14.5 B

(Mort'est Altinentee) #9

15.0b b/o offer

(NO PAX SEX) #10

buyout changed

(cwisss) #12


(Mort'est Altinentee) #13


(NO PAX SEX) #14

Thank you all for the bids.
Buyout set to 21 Bil.
Will let this sale run untill Monday morming and sell to the highest bidder, unless the Buyout is reached

Thank You.

Wtb rorq pilot
(Gracitinia Sue) #15

hi, will take the char for 21b

(NO PAX SEX) #16

Gracitinia, you have a deal.

Please send isk and account name and I will send char asap.

Thank You

(Gracitinia Sue) #17

will send isk and account name in a few minutes

(Gracitinia Sue) #18

isk and account name sent

thank you

(Django Osas) #19

22 bil b/o

(NO PAX SEX) #20

char sent ty

(system) #21

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