WTS 18.4m SP 2007 char - SoE + ORE + Gallente + Minmatar mission runner

Great Sisters of EVE + ORE mission runner, check out the standings.

I pay transfer fee
No assets
3 remaps
5 jump clones (including one in ORE space)
Capital skills are injected and ready to train or inject


Screenshots -> https://imgur.com/a/VV86RwD

Start price = 16b
Buyout = 20b OBO

I will sell the character, when the right price comes along.



16B offer

Thanks for your bid, good sir! Adding a 20b B/O

Still taking offers on this fine char :slight_smile:


Buy this fine character :slight_smile:


Go on, bid on this fine char :sunny:

Gallente and Minmatar standing are also excellent.


Thank you, still a bit on the low side for this fine char :slight_smile:

Will you be my valentine?

Retracting my bid.

16.5b is my max bid, will also retract if your not interested. save my time and yours

Noted, thanks. I’ll let it run until 21:00 ET sunday. If no other bids, the character is yours.

seems fair

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Last chance for this fine char to be yours.

1h remaining :halalparrot: