WTS 5.5m SP - Perfect SoE/Gallente/Minmatar LVL5 mission runner

Perfect Sisters of EVE + Gallente + Minmatar mission runner, check out the standings.

I pay transfer fee
No assets
3 remaps
1 jump clone


Start price = 5b
Buyout = offer

I will sell the character, when the right price comes along.


how much


I’ll let it go for at decent offer.

i could do 4 bill

Sorry that’s not enough.

how much

So normal starter chars are 5-6b is seems. With these standings I would assume it’s worth double that amount.


Still for sale, offers accepted.

Accepting offers for this fine character!

4.5b isk ready

Thanks for you bid, however it’s too low. This will not sell for less than 6b.

5b as thats the staring bid… not seen better so far

Thanks for your bid, much appreciated. It might take some time, but for now I still think it’s worth 6b with the standings it has.

Still for sale.

6B - ISK ready


Let’s make it 7B