WTS 18.5 mil sp Rorqual pilot

(Viktoria Vegas) #1

Rorqual Pilot

18.50 mil sp Rorqual pilot for sale

All CCP rules apply

Oraface Anus to recieve isk

positive wallet,in empire station in Perimeter

positive sec stat

starting bid 15 bil

Buyout: make me an offer,make it worth my while

In an NPC corp

Happy Bidding

(First Officer Black) #2

I would like to come to a buyout offer on this toon. Please convo me in game.

(Oraface Anus) #3

Confirming i am for sale

(First Officer Black) #4

Buyout offer reached in game.
Sending isk and account name now.
Thank You.

(Avallah) #5

15 bil

(Oraface Anus) #6

in game buyout accepted, will post when transfer has begun.account info and isk received

(Oraface Anus) #7

Transfer is in progress and will be yours in 10 hrs from now,thanks

(system) #8

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