Wts 188m SP production industry toon (ready to build titans, motherships and citadels of any size) + perfect titan driver

Greetings, capsulers!

I am here to sell one of my top characters. Born back in 2008y, a pilot focused on production, science, industry. At the same time the pilot drive gallente Titan to V. Many caps and subcaps ships learned to V as well. Just check the skillboard: ANIMBUS

Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 implant is available

All ccp character bazaar rulles applied. (npc corp, no kill rights, wallet positive, high sec location)

I am looking for a decent offer. All lowball offers will be ignored.

Initial BO is 160 bil ISK. Happy bidding!

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Offer 100bill

140B offer

That is still far from what I am looking for

144B offer

BO reduced to 195 bil

New BO: 190 bil

185 bil BO

to the top!

bo reduced 180 bil

looking for a decent offer!


waiting for bids!

new BO: 180 b

Is the AU-79 plugged in or loose? Potential interest but working to convert ISK.


another daily bump!

reducing the BO price, 175 bil now

bump! I hope to find the buyer soon

still for sale