WTS 18m SP Ishtar/Dominix/Nestor Pilot

Positive Wallet
No kill rights
Located in Jita
In NPC Corp (Skillboard not updated yet)


  • Astrometrics V
  • Gallente BS V
  • Gallente Cruiser V
  • Light Drones V
  • Medium Drones V
  • Heavy Drones V
  • Drone Interfacing V

2 Bonus Remaps Available.

Welcome all bids and immediate buyout offers will be considered.

Hey, skillboard unfortunately not working. Set it to public ! Regards!

Please try now sorry about that.


Hello !
11b B/O :dollar: rd2 p a y !


13b B/O :dollar: rd2 p a y !


13.5b buyout

14b buyout

I’ll let this run till tomorrow morning GMT and if nothing else Caldari wins it.

14.5 b bo

Accepted BO.

Is the toon still available ?

I’ll give Zoeiee some more time to confirm the BO as its only fair.

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sending isk now

isk and account name have been sent . Check in game email for Gibi Ellecon

Isk received, char transfer has started.

char received all good

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