WTS 18M SP Orca pilot

Selling 18M SP Character

Used as one of my Abyssal characters.

Can fly Orcas and Hawk

5M SP in Missiles
4M SP in Gunnery
1.6M in Spaceship Command
Cybernetics V

Positive Wallet (0 ISK)
No Kill Rights
0.0 Security Status
No Negative Standings
Clone in Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School (High sec 1.0)
Character located in Perimeter II - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Character is in NPC Corporation
No bonus remaps
Next remap 2023.11.18

Starting bid: 12b (lowered)
Bid increment: 500M
B/O: 16b (lowered)

Auction ends 17/12/2022 21:00
Will Sell to highest bidder (Auction runs for an extra hour if bids are placed next to closing time)
Auction ends if Buyout is met and accepted
I reserve the right to cancel this auction if minimum bid is not met

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Lowered buyout and starting bid

bump to the top



12b :D


16b i want it

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