WTS 19.2mil sp (475,000 unallocated) Rorqual Pilot. Very Focused!

Capital Industial Ships lv5
Invulnerability Core Operation lv4
Mining Foreman lv5
Drone Interfacing lv5
Ice Havesting Drone Operation lv5
Mining Drone Operation lv5
475,000 Unallocated Skill Point

Character in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet Balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
In NPC Corp
I will pay the transfer fee

Starting bid at 17b
B/O 22b

Thank you!

bump bump

Can you check the skillbord link? To me it says user not found.

I’ve checked my link, it’s work for me.

Maybe on private?

sorry, it’s public now

14b offer

Offer retracted

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15b offer is last offer

Thx for bidding, 17b is min bid, 15b is lower than i expected

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16b offer

thx for offering

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ok,17b offer