WTS 19,7mil sp JF alt - SOLD

WTS 19,7mil sp jumpfreighter alt

SkillQ.net - Yeehaaa Lyng

Amarr Freighter 5
Jumpfreighter 5

Positive sec status
Isk positive
Located in jita

Start 18 bil
b/o 20 bil

10 B offer. ISK ready

12B offer

Need more. Still for sale

Hello @Yeehaaa_Lyng I accept your BO at 20B, I send you the ISK and account information

There are an issue with transfering the character.
I have refunded your isk, while waiting for support.
Sorry about that.

Ok let me know when the situation is ok for you (IG and here)

Support have solved the issue. Character ready again. @Jack_Chan

It was quick ! I sent you the information and the ISK

Recieved. Starting transfer asap.

Transfer started
Sorry about the delay