WTS 191 Ml Sp Toon

WTS my oldest toon, born in 2007. He has got over 191 ml skill points.

Character is located in Jita now, sec stasus is positive, no remaps. All CCP rules applied.

There will be no isk or assets, just a few ml isk.

I expect offers in the range of 160-170 bil.

True offer of 160 if you don’t want to deal with a longer sale

mb 165 bil for fast deal? 160 seems to be extracted value

Logging in.

isk and account info sent. Waiting for confirmation mail.

This guy is scamming right now. Confirmed through corp members. ticket filed with CCP.

He also has a hold of this character: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sexsay_Cat

Thanks for the heads-up. I was contacted by SC in-game regarding that character…

Yup, CCP know. Already got a response from them.

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